Oct 27, 2015 - 0 Comments - Wordpress -

Red Cat Digital

Just updated the Red Cat Digital website with a retrofitted responsive upgrade and a few tweaks to the search mechanism. Always tricky when you’re inheriting an old website, the site build was just ok, and it took a while to apply the responsiveness.

For whatever reason a previous developer had hacked the Ultimate WP Query Search Filter plugin. It took a good half day to track down the problem. After fixing it up, forking it and applying a few tweaks we were able improve the plugin functionality, greatly improving the site’s value.

To do this, around line 186 of the the plugin file /classes/uwpqsf-process-class.php comment out the following:

 if($options[0]['snf'] != '1' && !empty($keyword)){
      $get_tax = $get_meta = null;

There’s really no good reason for it being there. For no apparent reason it nullifies the meta and taxonomy part of the query when a string query is made. Commenting it out enables combined text, meta and taxonomy searching. Remember to fork your own copy of the plugin so it doesn’t get overwritten by an update!