The customer really is always right

Sometimes they can drive you mad, but in the end they pay your wages. The customer really is always right.…

October 19, 2015


Founded in 1879, the Independent Schools Association is one of the oldest of the independent schools’ organisations. A key parts of the site development, built at Innermedia, included a bespoke import mechanism to bring in data from a large …

November 19, 2015

Why big systems fail

It’s a puzzle that perplexes time after time – why, with the full might and mind of experts, corporations and governments focused on the task at hand, do efforts to produce large scale IT systems, more often than not, lead …

November 18, 2015


Nice sharp design for the new Qwerk website by Innermedia. The build time was tight here, so we unusually dispensed with a fully responsive option and instead went for a mobile-only alternative layout, driven by the excellent Mobble plugin. …

November 13, 2015

Owl carousel

November 12, 2015

Phantom images

Useful technique this. When building a responsive panoramic image (such as with a screen-wide banner) it’s often required to limit it with a max-height surrounding div with overflow:hidden, so the image doesn’t get too deep on wide screens and push …

October 28, 2015

Red Cat Digital

Just updated the Red Cat Digital website with a retrofitted responsive upgrade and a few tweaks to the search mechanism. Always tricky when you’re inheriting an old website, the site build was just ok, and it took a while to …

October 27, 2015

Bespoke Productions

Clean design, fading entry, some nice bespoke jquery transitions and good photography lift the new Bespoke Productions site to the next level. Check it out at…

October 15, 2015

Campaign It

Built for BBM Campaigns, the ‘Campaign It!’ website promotes the techniques, skills and knowledge of BBM, used to achieve success for corporate and not-for-profit campaigns. I love the site’s bright, clean design by Innermedia. The site was recently retrofitted with …

September 26, 2015

When to go bespoke

When I began developing websites in 1995, there was no WordPress or Magento. CSS didn’t exist, PHP was in its first iteration, ASP was a year away and Javascript was still to be standardised. The practical tools available were HTML …

September 19, 2015

London Audio Visual

Based on Innermedia’s popular full screen background image template the new website for London Audio Visual shows off their full range of products and services for AV and Live Event hire.  This responsive website is based on WordPress, the most …

August 20, 2015


If I ever produce a series on the most useful plugins Mobble would be high on the list. You can do a lot with CSS media queries, but the ability to poll reliably for the user’s device and add or …

August 18, 2015